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Bo Jungle is an innovative premium Belgian brand consisting of high-quality neutral coloured baby items. Their designs are inspired by nature and provide reasonable priced products with the highest levels of comfort and care to give babies the best possible start in life. All Bojungle products are tested by mums to ensure both quality and user-friendliness and available in several categories including feeding, sleeping and transport.
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26731 B-Comforter Kenzi The Lion RRP 9.99
26732 B-Comforter Zimbe The Elephant RRP 9.99
26733 B-Comforter Senna the Giraffe RRP 9.99
26727 B-Plush Toy Kenzi The Lion RRP 14.99
26728 B-Plush Toy Zimbe The Elephant RRP 14.99
26729 B-Plush Toy Senna the Giraffe RRP 14.99
26730 B-Plush Toy Tambo The Monkey RRP 14.99
26723 B-Plush Toy with Blanket Kenzi The Lion RRP 19.99
26724 B-Plush Toy with Blanket Zimbe The Elephant RRP 19.99
26725 B-Plush Toy with Blanket Senna the Giraffe RRP 19.99
26726 B-Plush Toy with Blanket Tambo The Monkey RRP 19.99
26735 B-Wrist Rattle Kenzi The Lion RRP 6.99
26736 B-Wrist Rattle Zimbe The Elephant RRP 6.99
26737 B-Wrist Rattle Senna the Giraffe RRP 6.99
26738 B-Wrist Rattle Tambo The Monkey RRP 6.99
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   Bath Stuff
26741 B-Bathmat with Temperature Indicator Fishies RRP 18.99
26742 B-Bathmat with Temperature Indicator Froggy RRP 18.99
26743 B-Friends Bath Toys 6 Pack RRP 8.99
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   Grooming and Healthcare
26746 B-Digital Humi-Purifier with Aroma RRP 119.99
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26740 B-Cosy Ergonomic Baby Pillow/Cushion Grey RRP 12.99